Maxence Jaouan
FullStack Software Engineer
@ linkedin github

I'm good at

Java SpringBoot
CI/CD & SecOps


3 years of LeadDev Front
7 years of LeadDev Back
5 years of Architect
5 years of DevOps
3 years of Manager
99+ years (approx) of Coding

Some recents projects

2023 – Present High-traffic MicroFrontEnd Redesign of a high-traffic monolith mfe into a microfrontend architecture. More than 40 developers worked to bring over 80 modules to life.
  • Solution Architect
  • LeadDev Front
  • WebPack Federation
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • Zustand
  • VanillaJS
  • Google Cloud Platform
2024 – Present GraphQL Federation as BFF Exposing around twenty business backends through the Backend-For-Frontend (BFF) pattern, this architecture incorporates Circuit Breaker mechanisms for enhanced resilience and fault tolerance, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) for efficient data interaction and separation of concerns, and advanced backpressure management strategies. Utilizing GraphQL Federation technologies, it also facilitates seamless schema stitching and service discovery, enabling dynamic and scalable aggregation of services. Additionally, this setup leverages API Gateway patterns for unified access control and rate limiting, ensuring optimal performance and security across the ecosystem.
  • Architect
  • LeadDev Back
  • GraphQL
  • NodeJS
  • Apollo
  • Hasura
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Kubernetes
2023 – Present Interactive documentation This project involves the development of an educational platform built on Docusaurus, tailored to enhance the learning experience through a blend of codelabs and quizzes. This platform stands out by integrating interactive sections that are synchronized using server-sent events, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user interaction. To support a seamless and secure user experience, the solution Google OAuth for authentication, and Firestore for real-time database management.
  • Personal project
  • Docusaurus
  • React
  • FireStore
  • Google OAuth
  • Firebase
2017 – Present Teaching pleasant students Because teaching is also about learning, I offer courses using my interactive documentation platform on various topics such as development, architecture, and cybersecurity. In case it might accidentally inspire vocations.
  • Teacher
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • Hardening
  • Cybersecurity
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
2021 – 2023 Modern DevSecOps CI/CD On the opportunity of a massive migration to GitLab-CI for about 150 projects, a versatile and agnostic CI/CD setup was deployed. This setup was designed to be adaptable in building applications across various technologies, including Java, JavaScript, and Nginx, and anything else. Additionally, it maintained independence from specific cloud providers through the adoption of a GitOps approach. The modern pattern used in this project facilitated integration of various third-party solutions, enabling the establishment of quality and security gates.
  • Architect
  • GitLab-CI
  • NodeJS
  • Grype (SCA)
  • Dependency-Track (SCA)
  • Contrast Security (IAST)
  • Google Cloud Platform
2021 Crypto trading bot A trading bot leveraging Binance's websocket for live data acquisition. The data undergoes real-time analysis and processing through a stream flow, encompassing change detection networks, forecasting, and signal analysis, to inform decision-making and order execution. Additionally, the bot manages a portfolio and dispatches alerts. (Note: I still don't own a lambo)
  • Personal project
  • NodeJS
  • Brain.JS
  • GraphQL
  • React
  • DataDog
  • Firebase
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